Thursday, November 09, 2006

Campaign's Over

This is one of my favorite photos. While on a campout with my Boy Scout Troop, another Scout leader snapped this shot of me precariously walking a log across a wide creek at Bertha Brock Park, just west of Ionia, Michigan.
Normally, I'm not one to take risks. But it seemed like an experience I'd regret not taking, if I didn't go for it. . . . I have similar feelings about my campaign for Michigan Attorney General. I could have done the easy thing and not stuck my neck out in support of my politics and principles. Run a paper candidacy, with no real effort to inject the Libertarian message of freedom and individual responsibility into the campaign. Pursued an active, but strictly "feel-good" campaign with no impact, instead of a campaign that talked about real issues, and told the unvarnished truth about what a poor Attorney General Mike Cox has been. Instead, I chose to take a risk, go out on a limb and tell the truth, in spite of the inevitable upset and potential consequences. And I'm glad I did it. . . . Not only did I receive an unprecedented total of almost 62,000 votes for Michigan Attorney General. I believe I fostered greater respect for and acceptance of the Libertarian alternative. And gave a voice to many people who are being abused by our government and had no other candidate to express their hopes and concerns. I hope they continue to find a home in the Libertarian Party.


Blogger Josh said...

Thanks for all the hard work. I really mean that as I felt good voting for someone with common sense for once.

It's a shame the media has such ignorance and special interest in the 2 major parties. They never give 3rd parties any direct voice to the people. Even during the governors race they didn't allow 3rd parties at the event.

I think if we can work to get the Libertarian message out to more people and educate them more that we may reach a size where the media starts taking us seriously. If that were to happen, the exposure would surely allow the party to grow even more.

Thank you again for standing up for freedom, principal and common sense.

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