Friday, August 11, 2006

Attorney General: Enemy of Small Business?

Does Mike Cox think his mission as Michigan Attorney General is to persecute every small business he can find? Earlier this week he charged a 75-year-old construction contractor in the UP with a crime. Seems the guy had a construction business that was doing pretty good. He owned some land where he had his office, but needed more space to park his equipment. Luckily, there was room for a parking lot, so the contractor added some gravel, and he was all set. Attorney General Mike Cox had a fit. He claims the land was a swamp (excuse me, "wetland"), and the contractor illegally filled it. Attorney General Cox wants to fine this particular small businessman and make him "restore" the site. If he doesn't do that, then maybe they'll send him to jail for a couple of years (maybe for the rest of his life!). Apparently, Mike Cox doesn't believe in private property, and thinks mosquitoes are more important than jobs. If I were Attorney General, I would: (1) respect this small businessman's private property; (2) not publicly disparage him as a criminal, just to advance my own re-election campaign; and (3) leave him alone to do the hard work of creating more jobs.


Blogger Jim Voter said...

It's about time that someone is out there looking out for small businessmen. Democrats seem hell bent on stopping all business while the Republicans just look to help out their large business cronies. You've got my vote.

8:52 AM  

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