Thursday, November 09, 2006

Campaign's Over

This is one of my favorite photos. While on a campout with my Boy Scout Troop, another Scout leader snapped this shot of me precariously walking a log across a wide creek at Bertha Brock Park, just west of Ionia, Michigan.
Normally, I'm not one to take risks. But it seemed like an experience I'd regret not taking, if I didn't go for it. . . . I have similar feelings about my campaign for Michigan Attorney General. I could have done the easy thing and not stuck my neck out in support of my politics and principles. Run a paper candidacy, with no real effort to inject the Libertarian message of freedom and individual responsibility into the campaign. Pursued an active, but strictly "feel-good" campaign with no impact, instead of a campaign that talked about real issues, and told the unvarnished truth about what a poor Attorney General Mike Cox has been. Instead, I chose to take a risk, go out on a limb and tell the truth, in spite of the inevitable upset and potential consequences. And I'm glad I did it. . . . Not only did I receive an unprecedented total of almost 62,000 votes for Michigan Attorney General. I believe I fostered greater respect for and acceptance of the Libertarian alternative. And gave a voice to many people who are being abused by our government and had no other candidate to express their hopes and concerns. I hope they continue to find a home in the Libertarian Party.